Interview with Joseph Foo, design director of 3nity Design Company.

An in depth conversation with Mr. Joseph Foo, discussing the paradoxes in today's design world: business and ethics, local and global, traditional and ultra-modern, pure and multiplex etc. For young designers, they face the challenge of balancing themselves on these very thin lines.

He also conveyed his view on 3nity's principle of 'Art For Soul', which expands the role of a designer in the society. He sees art and design as a tool to connect the spiritual and material world, a bridge to reach and revive our inner selves. Through careful and effective design, designer enables the reach of a meaningful message into the reader's mind, hence helps in building a healthier soul.

Under the principle of 'Art and Soul', a series of social activities were carried out. For example the 'Man and God', an on-going project was started out 3 years ago. Designers from all over the world are invited to express their views on the relationship between man and the spiritual world.