Man&God was recently exhibited in Taiwan upon invitation by the Designers Association of Taiwan to participate in their Design & Arts Festival held in October through November 2007. Exhibitions were held in Tung Fang Institute of Technology, Kaohsiung from 1 till 31 October and Ming Chu Gallery in Shih Chien University, Taipei from 29 October till 10 November.

The 7th stop since its first exhibition, Man&God in Taiwan featured over 95 posters and installations as well as a dance by performing artist, Lee Swee Keong. New contributors to Man&God this time round includes Aaron Yin (Tainan, Taiwan), Akinori Oishi (PPAPER, Taipei), Anna Gerber (U.K.), Ellie See (Beijing, China), Eric Chen (Taipei, Taiwan), Joeng Kwon Gye (Korea), Kheng Ju Tan (Singapore), Kristy Chu (Taipei, Taiwan), Ng See Lok and Lee Haw Ran (Malaysia) ,Phunk Studio (Singapore), River Kuo (Taipei, Taiwan) and Studio DL (Malaysia).

Art4Soul thanks all contributors for their support and our Taiwanese friends for their warm hospitality.