The ghosts that are always hungry" booklet was given an auspicious opening on such an inauspicious day, the hungry ghost day - 14th day of the 7th month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. It was an early start at How & Why bookshop, but it didn't fail to attract those curious buds to warm up the small but not unfamiliar bookshop within the art joint. The setting was simple. There was no setting.

In front of the careful piled up booklets, Joseph Foo, co-founder of Art 4 Soul introduced the book and without much haste, Leong Kah Fai, David Lok and Pastor Soo-Inn took their roles as storyteller. Wooing the crowd with their personal encounters of the underworld, the audience were submerged. Mix emotions were clearly shown. Later, the launch reaches its climax with very warm opinions, personal ghost experiences and superstitions. Knowing that the crowd enjoyed themselves, the booklet will definitely be a winner, as ghost stories never fail to arouse us.